New Month, New Kitchen, New People and New Experience

Hello my silencio readers...

I've been busy, tu yang lambat update blog. And people, it's MARCH!!! Wow, laju kan tahun 2011 nie bergerak... Tup2 dah bulan tiga... 

Anyway, NEWS!!!

I've been transfer into a whole new kitchen department!!! Finally. Praktikal 3 bulan di Coffee House was nice and I have bond a good relationship with the staff, but life has to go on. After pat, lima kali delay, akhirnya, aku benar2 dipindahkah ke department baru...

It's the MAIN KITCHEN - Prepares items for function [if ada] and daily lunch.

Hrmm... How do I feel about this????????

Nak tahu, before masuk main kitchen, hati rasa cam tak nak gie je, sebab orang kata kitchen tu memang siot. Staff garang2 suka maki orang, keje banyak bila ada event, memang port nak mati kalu duk kitchen tue... Orang la kata...

Now, dah masuk 2 hari di Main Kitchen... What do I have to say about it?????? Well,,, it's okay la... I think maybe it's too soon to tell... Anyway, the staff there tak ada maki2 aku [so far], and they were nice, I think. And they kuat melawak bodoh2, now I already feel secure kat sana.

As for today, blom ada function lagi, so, tak banyak keje. But, really, stakat buat lunch set tu, sangat senang dan cepat. I think aku spend 1/2 working hour relek2 je. 

But....................... as I say.......................... Too soon to tell.....

Anyway, tengok la gambar2 nie. This is what I'm dealing now.

These are the thing I have to prepare everyday, for the next one month.

The staff, from left Sukeri, Sham and Aziz.

Kuah for Nasi Bukhari, daging kambing or ayam.

Hot stove to keep the soup hot.

Another condiments.

Nasi Bukhari.

The Menu -  Nasi Bubur
The Other Menu - Nasi Bukhari.

This is the stall that I have to watch for 3 hours a day.

And this is what I got from work.


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