Thank You For The Music...

People who knew me best, would know that I couldn't live without my music. I LOVE music so much. I really can't imagine how would my life be without music. It's not only me, I think everybody does but I am a little bit extra, because I listen to it almost all the time, no matter what I do, or where am I...

I love all genre of music. Be it pop, ballads, R&B, rock, jazz, reggae, you named it. I love it all. I don't believe in such things like favorite music genre, because, if the music catches our attention to listen to it, no matter what the genre is, then I believed it has successfully attract people to listen to it.

Let me tell you why and when I appreciated my music so much.

1) Music is fun. There are so many kind, so many beat and rhythms, IT WILL NEVER BE BORED!

2) Music is a great accompaniment while waiting... This is usually while waiting the bus, or the train.

3) Music can make me inspired and focus on things. Gemilang by Jaclyn Victor inspired me so much to do well in my SPM back in 2008.

4) Music can relate with our feelings. For example, when you are feeling sad and heartbroken. Have u ever lock yourself in your room, turn on the sad music and cry? I did.

5) Music take out all the boring factor in any environment.

6) Music makes me wanna dance!

7) Most music have the most wonderful and very beautiful lyrics that give so many deep and meaningful messages.

8) Music makes me forget my problems.

9) Music reminds me of the people I love.

10) Music is very universal. People are speaking in many languages all over the world, but through music, we can understand each other well.

That is it. Maybe ada lagi, but I can recall now. I really appreciate my N85 and my 2gb memory card. Can keep and listen many songs. I used to have a mp3 player, I called it "MyJoy". But I lost it somewhere in the UiTM library. Damn.

Anyway, do listen to this song. This is my all time favorite song. It's Abba, singing "Thank You For The Music".


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