Wow, It's Malaysian Overrated Music Video

Hi. I'm sure most of you have heard and watched Prema Yin's latest music video called Marilah or Addicted in English version.

What can I say is, the song sucks, and the video is so pathetic. Not that I have anything againts the sexiness displayed in the music video directed by Gambit (local actor), but the thing is, it has such poor quality. Seriously.

People are tired watching sexiness that displayed by the lack of fabric in the body, or sexual act especially like American music videos. As Malaysian, I do not appreciate when other Malaysian try to make videos like the American and other countries' music videos. That only shows lack of creativity and originality.

Oh, please Gambit. You know the sensitivity of Malaysian people, why the heck you direct such a video like that? I know you want to make something different and sexy. You can, but not like this. Taking off bath robe and wearing lingerie is not the only way. I'm glad you finally apologize about the video and about you cursed Malaysian bloggers, it shows u do have some dignity left inside.

Hope you've learnt your lesson.



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