Hati dan Perasaan

It's so hard.
Susah nak jaga hati orang.
Especially hati kawan-kawan nie. Yes, I am still not over it. The last post, I wrote about relationship with few of my friends.

What ever happens in Shah Alam, was never right and always seems wrong. What happens in Dungun, stays in Dungun, and how I wish it happen the same in Shah Alam but it didn't.

How I miss everything in Dungun...

I might lose one or two, but I thank god for other friends that stand by my side. I appreciate each and one of them. 

It's true, it hurts me more losing a friend, rather a friend losing me; at least that's how I see it. How I hope it's not true... I always crawls back to a friend, whenever he/she tried to avoid me due to quarrel or whatever. I always would be the first one to communicate.

Come. I'm offering peace and friendship here... Come...

For some reason, I can't do it any longer. I don't want to crawl anymore. Sometimes, it's nice to see people show that they need me. And that's what I think I needed to see. 

And I think this comic strip says it all.

susahnya nak jaga hati orang... haishhh...


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