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The Test

Late update? Like I have so many time to write to you. But thank you for reading. :)
Next week, there will be test on Food Science, Hospitality Procurement and also Kitchen Planning and Design.
Since next week starts tomorrow, I should be very worried now. But, I'm not. Haven't studied yet. The first test would be food science, it's the day after tomorrow. I hate this subject. Science is not my forte. Writings, English and music is my forte.
Ah, it's just some random test. It's not the final. However, I should be really worried about hospitality procurement. The last time I didn't scored at all. I got like 1 over 70. That's not something to be proud of.
I will start studying tonight. As a matter of fact, I already read some slides on food science; Lipids and Emulsion. During the diploma days, this would be really fun and I can like memorize this in 30 minutes. Nowadays, it's harder than ever. Probably something I ate.
When the clock struts 11 tonight, …