The Test

Late update? Like I have so many time to write to you. But thank you for reading. :)

Next week, there will be test on Food Science, Hospitality Procurement and also Kitchen Planning and Design.

Since next week starts tomorrow, I should be very worried now. But, I'm not. Haven't studied yet. The first test would be food science, it's the day after tomorrow. I hate this subject. Science is not my forte. Writings, English and music is my forte.

Ah, it's just some random test. It's not the final. However, I should be really worried about hospitality procurement. The last time I didn't scored at all. I got like 1 over 70. That's not something to be proud of.

I will start studying tonight. As a matter of fact, I already read some slides on food science; Lipids and Emulsion. During the diploma days, this would be really fun and I can like memorize this in 30 minutes. Nowadays, it's harder than ever. Probably something I ate.

When the clock struts 11 tonight, I will have to fetch my friend from work. So, that means more hanging around and loitering after that. Probably will be serious about this around 1am in the morning. And now it's 9.41pm. 

Tomorrow's class started at 2.30pm, so I've pretty much time to study. Somehow, this laptop needs to be on hibernate, and out open the thick and annoying textbooks. I hate textbooks. Hence the name, text. Too much of it. It's like I'm trying to improve my skills in reading. I can read, and I do it well.

How I wish there are more pictures and diagrams and charts like that. Would be way easier to study that way, and definitely less yawning and complaining. Reality sucks and people who wrote these textbooks, sucks! They should be arrested and jailed for making studying a pain in the ass.

I have my thought, I would say anything more from now on. 

Till the next time, peeps.


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