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I'm not the kind of person who would stay in front of the laptop and watch a random movie. Even my favourite movie. The feeling is just not the same as watching at the cinema. I'd get bored so easily.Should get a home theatre system when I have a career in the future.So, back to Atonement. I copied this movie from a friend like four months ago and for quite a long time I'm not bothered to check it out. Until yesterday. Quick click and there it is. I don't even know what "Atonement" meant when I first saw it. But, the beautiful accent and view in the movie keeps me watching.Oh I love the way the actors speaks. It seems so real and attractively cute. I wish I can speak British English.Also, little did I know the storyline was going to be so intense. I cursed a bit here and there. It's good. Cause I got into the movie so much, and forgot that it's just a movie.Towards the end, I was left speechless. It's just so epic and powerful and seriously sad. I…

Big Foot

If I lose weight, does my feet gradually become smaller in size?Having a size 13 feet is nothing to fancy about.My father, my poor father. Spend so much money on my foot alone. This is not America. This is Malaysia. We don't have American sizes here.The last time my father bought me a leather shoe, it was RM300. It's the only brand with large sizes and that's the best price they could offer. Living in Terengganu, it is very hard to find my footwear. Now that I live in Selangor, guess what, it's still hard to find my footwear. Sighhh.Foot. Oh my foot.

Hey Readers.

Hi there. I was on a hiatus for a while. I didn't have the time for blogging. So I stopped. It was like six months ago.
I didn't care to blog since. I didn't remember to blog. I forgot the feeling of able to express anything I wanted.
So, a few weeks ago, I saw this friend of mine updating her blog from her Blackberry. Somehow, I managed to sneak a peek into her phone and got her blog's URL address.
Went back home, spending the next few hours reading her blog. She had such an artistry side, which I've never know before. It's cool.
Then, I started to remember the feeling of blogging. It is somehow enjoyable and satisfying. I was never concerned whether my blog have readers or not, or the number "0" at the comment section. If I do get comments, it would be awesome but, my point is, it was just so good to see my own writings and sometimes I feel like there's another side of me that I didn't know appears in the blog.
I really do. I usually writes…

Hungry and Calories

Eat less they say...
And I did.
And I still don't lose weight.
In fact, I might gained a pew pounds.2 or 3 weeks ago, I did this nutrition presentation in my class whereas my topic was about healthy menu development.And part of the presentation, I have to teach the whole floor on how to calculate the number of calorie burned in a single day of a person.So I did it based on my on weight, and, oh well. My body is burning 16,764 kcal per day and if you wonder how much is that, it is almost 2 kilograms of fat, protein and carbs altogether. It's true. And if you ask me, how come I'm still fat if my body burns that much of calories per day?Easy.Cause I ate the same amount of calories everyday. Yes. I do. I eat. I eat a lot. So, if I want to lose some weight, I should lowered my calories intake and watch what I ate.But, somehow my weight is almost the same, means that I do take that much calorie everyday. I'm slowly changing my eating habits, ok. It does scares me a bit. The…


22 years of living, these days are probably the hardest of being a student.
I'm not nagging, but there is a whole bunch of work needed to be done.I am exhausted. Really exhausted. Is it my fault? Is it the lacking of my management skills? Probably. But still. I won't let a "student" life slow me down. I still find time to do things that I love; and I don't mean studying.Music. Ohhh, it's the best therapy in the world. When I found the right beat, it's normal to see me nodding around, dance a bit, kot, and hit the replay button mercilessly. Hahaha.Internet, oh I don't even know where to start. It is probably one of the greatest invention in the world. Don't you agree?Friends. They understands. That's why they are awesome. And in such painful time, when they are around, you still can find so many things to smile about. Nite.