I'm not the kind of person who would stay in front of the laptop and watch a random movie. Even my favourite movie. The feeling is just not the same as watching at the cinema. I'd get bored so easily.

Should get a home theatre system when I have a career in the future.

So, back to Atonement. I copied this movie from a friend like four months ago and for quite a long time I'm not bothered to check it out.

Until yesterday. Quick click and there it is. I don't even know what "Atonement" meant when I first saw it. But, the beautiful accent and view in the movie keeps me watching.

Oh I love the way the actors speaks. It seems so real and attractively cute. I wish I can speak British English.

Also, little did I know the storyline was going to be so intense. I cursed a bit here and there. It's good. Cause I got into the movie so much, and forgot that it's just a movie.

Towards the end, I was left speechless. It's just so epic and powerful and seriously sad. It could not be any better. I'm glad I keep this movie around.

This movie were out like years ago. It was based on a book. And I'm probably the only one who just saw it. And watching again is a must. But I'm kind of procrastinating on that because it will leave such an impact. Hard to accept but a brilliant movie.

Have you watch it?


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