Hey Readers.

Hi there.
I was on a hiatus for a while. I didn't have the time for blogging. So I stopped. It was like six months ago.

I didn't care to blog since.
I didn't remember to blog.
I forgot the feeling of able to express anything I wanted.

So, a few weeks ago, I saw this friend of mine updating her blog from her Blackberry. Somehow, I managed to sneak a peek into her phone and got her blog's URL address.

Went back home, spending the next few hours reading her blog. She had such an artistry side, which I've never know before. It's cool.

Then, I started to remember the feeling of blogging. It is somehow enjoyable and satisfying. I was never concerned whether my blog have readers or not, or the number "0" at the comment section. If I do get comments, it would be awesome but, my point is, it was just so good to see my own writings and sometimes I feel like there's another side of me that I didn't know appears in the blog.

I really do. I usually writes on paper, and things that I wrote didn't actually seems like I am the one who wrote it. My friend said it so. 

So, few days ago I decided to go back on blogging.
That leads to this.

Thanks whoever reading this. I really appreciate it. Cool.

Nite, again.


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