Hungry and Calories

Eat less they say...
And I did.
And I still don't lose weight.
In fact, I might gained a pew pounds.

2 or 3 weeks ago, I did this nutrition presentation in my class whereas my topic was about healthy menu development.

And part of the presentation, I have to teach the whole floor on how to calculate the number of calorie burned in a single day of a person.

So I did it based on my on weight, and, oh well. My body is burning 16,764 kcal per day and if you wonder how much is that, it is almost 2 kilograms of fat, protein and carbs altogether.

It's true. And if you ask me, how come I'm still fat if my body burns that much of calories per day?


Cause I ate the same amount of calories everyday. Yes. I do. I eat. I eat a lot. So, if I want to lose some weight, I should lowered my calories intake and watch what I ate.

But, somehow my weight is almost the same, means that I do take that much calorie everyday.

I'm slowly changing my eating habits, ok. It does scares me a bit. These days people said that obese children are likely to died first then their own parents. I do not want to be in the same situation.

Eat well ,okay. Oh yes, if you wanted to count your own calories burn, try googling something called "Basal Metabolic Rate' (BMR) for short. From that BMR, count your RMR.

Hope that helps. Nite.



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