22 years of living, these days are probably the hardest of being a student.
I'm not nagging, but there is a whole bunch of work needed to be done.

I am exhausted. Really exhausted. Is it my fault? Is it the lacking of my management skills? Probably.

But still. I won't let a "student" life slow me down. I still find time to do things that I love; and I don't mean studying.

Music. Ohhh, it's the best therapy in the world. When I found the right beat, it's normal to see me nodding around, dance a bit, kot, and hit the replay button mercilessly. Hahaha.

Internet, oh I don't even know where to start. It is probably one of the greatest invention in the world. Don't you agree?

Friends. They understands. That's why they are awesome. And in such painful time, when they are around, you still can find so many things to smile about.



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