Living in Hulu Terengganu, especially in the province of Kuala Berang, it's normal to have flood on every raining season. I don't think sistem perparitan kat sini teruk. Maybe it's too small to support such a large volume of water, especially masa musim hujan nie.

Anyway, it happens before. Unfortunately it happens again. This is the worst I've ever witness a flood in my hometown. Come again, suppose the government already figured out something extraordinary to overcome this problem, heh? 

 My sisters. Excited tengok banjir...

 The awesome Jabatan Pertahanan Awam!


Anyway, these pictures were taken on 25th December 2012. My house is not so far away from the scene, and from what I see, this is the worst flood, ever. If I wasn't mistaken, 6k people are transferred from this flood. 6K, that is a lot!

 I wanted to ride that sampan.

 Imagine how deep the water, and these guys are only half their way. Towards the end I think they swim or something.

 This is a school. SMK Tengku Ampuan Intan. And if you can see, ada dua tiang gol, almost completely tenggelam.

 The school management are not going to be so happy.

 Kids. They love the flood. Benda jarang-jarang nampak. Even aku yang tua nie pun excited tengok banjir. Hehe...

 This is not a lake. It suppose to be a normal road. Or as I called it, Jalan Besar. 

 Just my size 13 foot. 

The water is really fast there. Almost sounded like a waterfall.

Oh. The school again.

Now, with the road closed due to the flood, how the hell am I suppose to go to Kuala Terengganu, to get my ticket and go back to Shah Alam? (I'm here on study week leave) I am literally stuck here. The travel path is closed and all I can do is sit my butt out and pray that everything went to normal as soon as possible... 

If it didn't...

May as well take my final exams here in my hometown. Oh god, please don't let that happen. :(


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