Meeting Siti Nurhaliza

I was suppose to accompany my friend to see Siti Nurhaliza punya event at Watsons. Something about shopping and donating money at the same time. It was at Watsons inside the SACC Mall, two days ago.

So, I, of course have never met Siti Nurhaliza before in my life. And she's like the biggest singing sensation in Malaysia since the 90's. So, I was also excited about this.

She's pretty. Soft spoken and also very friendly. I did not go crazy and screaming and shits. I was like normal. But yes, I do push around people to be at the front. Heheh. And I am a big and tall person, really sorry-lah for all the people behind me, cannot see.

Stand there at most one hour. Take hundreds of pictures. My friend is totally starstruck at the moment. And my friend actually managed to shake Siti's hand and from that moment he cannot contemp his happiness. Glad for him. He really loves Siti.

I didn't take any picture together with Siti. Suppose to buy a RM150 worth of Simplysiti product to have pictures with her. Nah, it's ok. I'm not wearing any makeup because I'm a guy and furthermore, I'm broke. Hahaha.



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