AJL 27

I am not a fan of local music industry. This is me okay. What I say does not count. It's just my opinion. For me, local songs are so boooooring. Not all. I do find some of them are good. But, to make it to my music playlist, erm...

Anyway, tonight is the night of Anugerah Juara Lagu, the 27th year. It's like the Grammy for Malaysian music industry. The least I can do is watch it as a support for our local music industry, and most importantly, to show support on the power of Malays language in the musics. This is what AJL is all about. The appreciation of Malay language, but in terms of songs.

Live Streaming from tonton.com.my
Since there's no television set in our rent house in Shah Alam, I took the effort to sign up on tonton.com.my, I'm sure ramai knows tonton.com. There's a live streaming for AJL. Not to mention, banyak show di local tv yang kita boleh catch up if tak sempat or tak ada tv di rumah. Quite uselful, but I don't really watch that much of t.v, that's why baru malam nie register; just for AJL.

Anyway, I can't predict the winner. Anyone who wins is okay, I guess.

Nite. Esok exam Nutrition.


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