When I first saw The Social Network, about the Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg thing, and I can see clearly how a nerd can be so cool. Except the fact that Mark Zuckerbegn in the movie version was way to annoying, but still cool.

Then I met The Bing Bang Theory. 
It's awesome. I always liked sciences stuff, but never got way into it, because I suck it in and also because I give up too fast. Anyway, this 30 minutes comedy is absolutely hilarious.

The concept is simple. Two nerd genius guys befriends with a hot, young and clueless blonde haired lady who happened to move in into the apartment next to theirs. It's like two completely contrast element being compressed into petri dishes and the results is soooooooo, awesome. I think.

So far, I finished up to season five. Haven't watch the season six yet but looking foward to do so. Just need someone who can downloaded it for me. :)

And yes, I just did an entry about a sitcom comedy. Pointless, but fuck it right. I'm want to post thisssssss! 

The title card.

 The casts, the awesome casts.

 Still them. 

 And them again...

And yes, them.

Can't wait exams to finish, so I can re-watch the whole five seasons in my collections. :)


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