The last post was like two weeks ago, almost.
Haven't thought of writing after my Windows 8 failure thing, and also because I was in the middle of my final examination.

So, update on my Windows 8. It's finally working. It's awesome. Finally the live tiles started to work, it moves and the apps are finally available for my use. So far my experience with Windows 8 is quite okay. I can honestly say I like it. It's really easy to use, the user interface is very nice, clean and smooth. Of course, I have to use the mouse sebab takder touch screen. I will soon update and post picture about this. 

I am currently back at home, Kuala Berang. Final exam finally over, and if one ask me how was the exam, I will say, it's a pile of bullshit. Yeah, begini lah jadi budak pemalas. I was lazy, I admit it. But still, I do study. And too bad, the one that I studied didn't not get into the question paper, instead, something else that I've did not read, and worse, something I didn't remember learning in the semester.

Yes, sucks. Results will be out in the middle of February. Finger cross, hopefully I can pass all the subjects with average 3.00 gpa. That's all I want. No dean list award, no nothing but 3.00. :3

Right now, as for this moment, the moment I'm writing this, I am currently working at my father's store, WHICH I did not apply to work, too bad my father saw me as the only with no life and nothing to do. Of course, cuti semester I long to holidayyyyyyyy, tido, makan and tido. Hrm. Tinggal mimpi je lah.

And they, (my family) nak condemn me for being too fat, and said that I ate too much junk food like McDonalds. Sekali aku sound, duit dah la bagi tak cukup, RM10 sehari je plak tue, pastu nak condemn aku makan mahal-mahal macam kat McD tue. Terus senyap. Nak sound saya sila ada fakta2 yang masuk akal sket.
I am fat because I don't mind to be. Other people plak yang bising-bising kan. If I die from being fat, I don't mind that. At least I am happy. Banyak penyakit you said? I am the only person who eats healthy than other people. But I ate a lot. 

Ko kurus pon, makan junk food. Air berkarbonat tue. Bertin-tin ko telan. At least aku tak consume benda-benca cam tue. Yang claim makan sihat lak, banyak plak penyakit nyer. Sakit bontot la, pening kepala la, perut sakit la. Ptuih.

No. I don't want to be like you. TQ.


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