Windows 8

Four or five days ago, I was facebooking, checking and updating statuses (boring, yeah I know). Then I saw one of my friend offered a Windows 8 Pro Original package with the cheapest price ever. I didn't think it much, I directly told him I want one!

Of course I want one! Windows 8 have the coolest and most friendly user interface ever! Besides, I have this thing that if I use something latest and the most current, I feel like I'm so cool (it's not creepy but yeah that's me). That's my opinion. I even YouTube to see more details on this. Without any long thinking, I paid the package and so excited to install the new windows.

But of course, I also took some time to see users review, and apparently lots of people really don't like the new Windows 8. "It sucks big time!", "Stay with Windows 7!" they says... So I was confused and berbelah bahagi cause I really wanted to install that thing. And when I do install it, I can't revert to Windows 7 Ultimate that I  currently use that time.

Call this guy, and that guy, ask their opinions. They are some computer geek that I knew, so their opinion counts. They are the pro; to my eyes. They said, people mostly don't like it because they are not used with modern and sophisticated user interface in Windows 8. So they said, if I do install that Windows 8, I must explore it and get used to it, and not jump to the conclusion that I don't like it or whatever. To be honest, I was happy to hear their opinion cause deep in my tiny heart, I really wanted to install it.

So, I did. I installed it.

But, how I am disappointed. The live tiles, and also all the fancy apps that comes with Windows 8... they ain't working. It ain't freaking workinggggggg!!! I'm so sadddddd!!! I did absolutely nothing but zoom in with blank page whenever I click on them. BLANK PAGE. A full on blank page. :(

The one with "X" marks, are not working at all. Even the store. :(

So I googled like crazy, some people have the same problem as mine, and they do give me the remedies but nothing happens. It still froze. At one point, I decided to reset the whole thing and reinstall. When I try to reset, this shit comes up:

What the heck?!
FYI, I only bought the key to the package. I don't have the packaging, or whatever. I only got the key. I install the installer from Microsoft website and installed it. So, when they ask for recovery media, of course la I don't have that. I have no installation CD. This is so depressing.

I did not know what to do but to contact back my friend who sold me the package.

I told him everything and he's very understanding and so, tomorrow I'm going to see him and see if he can figure out what's wrong with my installation of Windows 8. Deep down, I am a little embarrassed. Because I can't figure the answers to this problem myself. I usually can, but this one too much to do I just don't have all the knowledge in computer software and stuffs.

So, here I am. Updating my blog. I was planning to blog about how awesome the Windows 8 is, but until this one problem is solve, I guess that post will have to wait.


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