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Being Tall

Being a tall person, I always have some advantages than the shorter ones. Like, I can look around easily, have nothing blocking my view. I can hide, put or take things at higher places, I can be a model (hehe) and so on. I think it's cool and I am so lucky to be a tall person.

However, sometimes being too tall give so much troubles and disadvantages. Thanks to 9GAG post today, it now expose to many people out there that being tall isn't always fabulous. I mean, just look at these pics I took from 9GAG.

I'm An Alien.

Superbowl the other day, or Ellen Degeneres would say it as "Beyonce's Concert" for non-footballers fans. There was this commercial, a Calvin Klein commercial, debuting their new concept for men's underwear. So, the rating during the Superbowl games is peaking high, so good job CK to put commercial on such a prime time, bet they paid a lot.
Anyway, seeing the commercial... Hrm. I can honestly say, I feel like the most ugly person in the world. The dude in the commercial, he's a robot or something, with his hair pulled back in what ever the hell grease or oil or gel they use to stick his hair with; he looks like a freaking electronic machine, like a perfect specimen of a male human being, I've ever seen in my whole life.
This dude, is so perfect, with his ripped body and muscles, with that annoying "I'm so cool for doing CK" eyes, and I feel like, well, I am alien. I look nothing like him. And the model is younger than me. He's a kid. If he …

Double Celebration!

Today is my mum's birthday.
The woman who hold the name Zainun binti Yusof, were born in Kampung Dura, Hulu Terengganu on the 10th February of 1958 (Monday).
55 years later, happens to be a great daughter, a great wife, a great mother and a great role model to her four kids. My father who hold the heart of my mum is indeed, a lucky man.
I love you, Mok!

So last night, at midnight was awesome! My parents are in their bedroom, having some pillowtalk before sleeping, while me and my sisters were sneaking at the kitchen, setting the cake and thinking how to get my mum out of the room.
So my sister go get my mum, and she doesn't even have a clue of what is happening. Then we showed her the cake and we all burst into laughter! Haha. Good one! My mum don't even remember it's her birthday so it's awesome, her reaction is genuine.
Hopefully, she will have a great year ahead, a great health, and great time. :)
Also, it's Chinese New Year as well, and I sincerely also wa…

See Me Inside.

A friend asked me the other day. What's "seemoinside"? Why I use that word to name my blog, and what does it mean?
Great question. I haven't thought to explain this before, and now that someone finally ask, I can explain it and another post for this blog.
So the first word; SEE

The word "see" clearly means to look into something or at something. It's the vision that I see and experience and I translate it to my writing and I hope to share my vision to as many people as I can. Some people can relate to my story, but some can't and some might disagree, have negative thoughts of me, and that's the risk I am willing to take by putting myself in this blog. 
Moving on to the second word; MOI
"Moi" is a french word, which basically means "ME". This blog is mine, and the writings is by me and all the things I wrote here is what I experience and how I adapt and think of every thing that go revolves around my world. That's a lot o…

My Review on Windows 8

Hello. It's almost a month since I got Windows 8 installed in my laptop. Yes, finally. Yang penting, Windows 8 Pro Original, not cikai-cikai and cimplak. AND of course, not a theme. Ramai je kata aku pakai theme je, so now let me set the record straight, it's an original Windows 8 Pro Original series I installed. Pahey? Good.
Anyway, as you all know, readers if you've read my past posts, I had a tiny little problem right after I installed the new windows. Apparently, some elements are missing from the installer and this and that, BUT that's all have been solved. :)

So I thought I'd give Windows 8 a chance, ya because I heard so many people complaining. Like my friend said, ramai tak puas hati dengan Windows 8 nie sebenarnya tak biasa dengan user interface baru, pastu rasa tak kena and then nak salahkan operating system. Sungguh typical manusia. Thank god, I am not one of them. Sebulan guna Windows 8, it feels like I moved into something fresh, new and more defying…