Double Celebration!

Today is my mum's birthday.

The woman who hold the name Zainun binti Yusof, were born in Kampung Dura, Hulu Terengganu on the 10th February of 1958 (Monday).

55 years later, happens to be a great daughter, a great wife, a great mother and a great role model to her four kids. My father who hold the heart of my mum is indeed, a lucky man.

I love you, Mok!

So last night, at midnight was awesome! My parents are in their bedroom, having some pillowtalk before sleeping, while me and my sisters were sneaking at the kitchen, setting the cake and thinking how to get my mum out of the room.

So my sister go get my mum, and she doesn't even have a clue of what is happening. Then we showed her the cake and we all burst into laughter! Haha. Good one! My mum don't even remember it's her birthday so it's awesome, her reaction is genuine.

Hopefully, she will have a great year ahead, a great health, and great time. :)

Also, it's Chinese New Year as well, and I sincerely also want to wish every Chinese out there, a very Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the snakes, and of course, a day before CNY, I saw a snake outside the gate of my house. So, is that a good luck or what, please somebody tell me what it means.

Happy Chinese New Year, once again!

Images mostly from Google Images. The cake is from my own collection!

:) That's all for now.


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