See Me Inside.

A friend asked me the other day. What's "seemoinside"? Why I use that word to name my blog, and what does it mean?

Great question. I haven't thought to explain this before, and now that someone finally ask, I can explain it and another post for this blog.

So the first word; SEE

The word "see" clearly means to look into something or at something. It's the vision that I see and experience and I translate it to my writing and I hope to share my vision to as many people as I can. Some people can relate to my story, but some can't and some might disagree, have negative thoughts of me, and that's the risk I am willing to take by putting myself in this blog. 

Moving on to the second word; MOI

"Moi" is a french word, which basically means "ME". This blog is mine, and the writings is by me and all the things I wrote here is what I experience and how I adapt and think of every thing that go revolves around my world. That's a lot of "and" word in a sentence, isn't it? Hahaha. Sorry about that. Different live, different stories. I have my own stories. Some are great, some are happy things and some just sucks. And by writing this blog, I honestly want to tell all my readers that everything happens for a reason, and it will shape our personality and mentality for future advancement. 

Last word: INSIDE

I purposely connects the last word of "MOI" and the initial of "INSIDE" because I don't want to repeat two letter. "Inside" is a way for me to ask for reader to click on the link and read my blog. If you want to read my  writings, you have to see and read it "INSIDE" my blog. Got it yet? I'm sure a lot of you do.

Well, yes. That's about it.


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