To Swallow or Not To Swallow

I do not know why I have issues with food and drinks.
I do want to believe that there are other people in the world just like me.

The thing is, I love eating and drinking (the act, not the getting drunk kind of drinking)... but, I love eating the SAMEEEEEEEEEE thing, and I do not like so many other food and drinks. 


Eating out, always mean a tea o ais for me. No other drinks would cross my mind but these heart-melting tea o ais. Why? I do not know why. Probably because I see it the as the most common drink in my life. Growing  up, mummy always make tea. For evening drinks, or picnic, or sesi makan jepput, or right after some heavy house work, there it is, tea; hot, warm or cold. Another drink that I love to consume is Sunquick, but apparently there so little to none restaurant in Shah Alam offer Sunquick. So I'm quite bummed about that.

My momma, she sometimes makes coffee, but honestly, it's too bitter for me and it's always bitter no matter how much sugar or creamer I put in it. And I, don't do bitter... Anything coffee beans related drinks, I hate it. Besides, I have trouble sleeping if I drank it.  So that's is probably why I have such limited choices over drinks. 

To make it clear, I also drink other beverages aside of tea and sunquick. I am open to sirap bandung, milo, susu strawberry flavored (Dutch Lady only), vanilla flavored drinks, chocolate drinks, plain sirap would be good too. And I also enjoy teh tarik. That is probably about it. These are the only drinks I consume. Really, and seriously. 

Soft drink? I didn't forget about soft drinks... I HATE SOFT DRINKS. How on earth can a normal person swallow that junk through their throat?! It's like swallowing needles. Be it Pepsi, Coke, 100 Plus, Sprite, and any kind of the same shitty carbonated beverage, I DON'T TOUCH 'EM.

Fushion drinks... Hrm. A tea is perfectly fine, why would someone throw a lime or lemon inside it? Why? Why would there be Ice Lemon Tea? Why? It's ruined the whole flavor. Tea is exquisite enough, for me it didn't need enhancement. Any kind of enhancement, rusted out the originality of the product. Really guys? And this is teaaaaaaa. Then there sirap bandung cincau, bandung coke, limau ais, and all the weird things u fused together, doesn't seems normal to me... Air kelapa, it's like air ketuban or something. It doesn't look appertizing at all...

And this is about drinks alone. If I want to tell all about food, it would take three hour to finish writing this post. However, what I can tell is...

I hate vegetables. It ruined the flavor of any food. It's healthy, sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... But it yucks. That is the only reason I don't eat them. Oh god, sawi, benci nya aku ngan sawi... However, I do like brocolli, cauliflower and carrot. Tomato? The inside of it seems like the tomato bernanah or something.

And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee meat...... any meat. Except pork meat. If I have one day to live, I would be eating meat, meat, meat and butterrrrrrrr. :) Oh! Seafoodddddddd, yummmmmmmmmm!!! Prawns, shrimps, crabs, stingray... yummmm sedapnya!

The thing is, I probably have imagination about food wayyyy to much than any other people. I saw something, then I would imagine it into something else and my brain would translate it into two: YEAY or NASTY. So, mostly it went to nasty. But it's okay. I find it perfectly fine. I am fat, so it means I do enjoy life by eating. Just, not by the same thing other people had... That it...

Take it or leave it...


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