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Don't Fall In Love With Me

Bro da pesan, kita member-member kamcing jer.  Bro da pesan like "Oi, don't fall love with me".
Eh, bley plak virtual-stalk aku ye.
Isn't this stalking activities are done by secret lovers or admirers je?
I'm so tall-fat-annoying; how come u decided to stalk me? *AM LOOKING AT YOU*
Girl, got something to confess ke?
"Heyyyy, I found your blog."
Excuse me?
Crap, now I have to update this blog and dedicated this post to you.  Why this blog existed and crap.
Years ago, I was an inspiring writer, dedicating my time posting online stuff, envisioning myself to write my own cookbooks in the future. This is like, back in 2010 and 2011, I was doing my diploma when this blog existed and the longer I studied, I loses my shit even more and this blog eventually become the last priority. Girl, not even in my priority list. Deep in the center-of-the-earth-deep.
Anyways, back then I was like, thinking to let the time do its part. Lets just keep the blog around, p…