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Hitam Putih Kehidupan.

Do mind asking about my 2011 raya experience. It was awesome but terrible in some way. I got diarrhea since day one until the 5th. Horrible, horrible.
Been in Shah Alam for two weeks now. Class has started, and still trying to follow up with everything like PTPTN, convocation, and documents required. And the campus is killing me. It's very high and I hate it. I feel like climbing a mountain everytime going to class. Not to mention, they don't have enough parking space for students like me to park our car. So, I have to park somewhere quite far from campus. Haish.
Spent money a lot, loitering a lot, and living in a so-so condition. I find this is quite blank. I do feel like complaining a lot, about thing around me, sometimes, I express it in my little secret maroon book, and really, if people found that book of mine, they will be shocked with my style of language and mindset thinking. And I cursed a lot.
Until last night, suddenly listening to this song. Every thought in my mind s…