Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Noise

Recap: It was like 4.50am in the morning, and I'm having a very hard time to sleep. If there's a book of 1001 position of sleep, I definitely sure that I've might tried 1002. Still wide awake.

I always sleep with my shirt off, and short pants (cause this is Malaysia, you know how the weather is). The stand fan is always on 2 or 3 because cold air makes me sleep faster. But this was not the case. I was still awake. At first, I thought like, "Mehhh, gonna fall asleep soon", but when it last more than two hours, my mind is getting fucked up, because damn I was sleepy, but my body refuses to shut down.

So, I reach out for my phone and turn this app I downloaded from PlayStore like 4,5 months ago. It's call White Noise Lite. Okay, I don't really know how to explain white noise, but I'll try my best. EXCLAIMER; this definition is from my own word, it's not really the real definition.

So, white noise is somewhat sounds that you often hear when everything is quiet. For example, in a quiet place like the library, very little sound but you can always hear the buzz from the air conditioning. Or, when you are alone in your house with t.v and radio switched off; you can always hear the sound of the wall clock ticking and ticking. It's noises that somehow helps us to relax and calm down.

There are a lot more examples of white noises. For instance, the rain. When it's raining, everything seems more relaxed and much of the time, if you are at home, you would have the sense to go to sleep, right?? Like "Yeahhh, hujan, sedap tido nie bohhh!". Or if you live near "hutan" area, you can always hear the sound of crickets, or when you lay down on the beach, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wave of the ocean. ALL OF THAT is categorized as white noise. It helps you to cool down, relaxed and of course helps you to fall asleep.

Back to the White Noise Lite apps, it have collective sounds of these white noises, and I uses this as a measure of helping me to sleep. My favorite tracks are the sound of the rain and thunder. So back to my case, I grab my earphone and plug it in, tune in the white noise of my choice, adjust the right volume... and wallah! Suddenly it's afternoon already. I didn't even realize when I finally asleep. 

And the sounds are still playing when I awake. The best part of the app is, it didn't drain my battery. I do believe it only uses a small part of energy. I think it drains only 5% of the battery which is so little for a old phone like mine. So if you uses high end smartphones, it really doesn't effect your battery usage.

So if any of you guys are having trouble sleeping, I really recommended you to download a white noise apps. It doesn't have to be like what I've installed in mine, just look for something that suit your preferences. And it does not limited for sleeping purposes only. If you are trying to relax, or to study or just get away from stress and tension, you can just plug yourself to these sensational voices right from your phone.

It's so amazing that simple noises can creates such harmony and can help you to relax.

Trust me, okay. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

To Swallow or Not To Swallow

I do not know why I have issues with food and drinks.
I do want to believe that there are other people in the world just like me.

The thing is, I love eating and drinking (the act, not the getting drunk kind of drinking)... but, I love eating the SAMEEEEEEEEEE thing, and I do not like so many other food and drinks. 


Eating out, always mean a tea o ais for me. No other drinks would cross my mind but these heart-melting tea o ais. Why? I do not know why. Probably because I see it the as the most common drink in my life. Growing  up, mummy always make tea. For evening drinks, or picnic, or sesi makan jepput, or right after some heavy house work, there it is, tea; hot, warm or cold. Another drink that I love to consume is Sunquick, but apparently there so little to none restaurant in Shah Alam offer Sunquick. So I'm quite bummed about that.

My momma, she sometimes makes coffee, but honestly, it's too bitter for me and it's always bitter no matter how much sugar or creamer I put in it. And I, don't do bitter... Anything coffee beans related drinks, I hate it. Besides, I have trouble sleeping if I drank it.  So that's is probably why I have such limited choices over drinks. 

To make it clear, I also drink other beverages aside of tea and sunquick. I am open to sirap bandung, milo, susu strawberry flavored (Dutch Lady only), vanilla flavored drinks, chocolate drinks, plain sirap would be good too. And I also enjoy teh tarik. That is probably about it. These are the only drinks I consume. Really, and seriously. 

Soft drink? I didn't forget about soft drinks... I HATE SOFT DRINKS. How on earth can a normal person swallow that junk through their throat?! It's like swallowing needles. Be it Pepsi, Coke, 100 Plus, Sprite, and any kind of the same shitty carbonated beverage, I DON'T TOUCH 'EM.

Fushion drinks... Hrm. A tea is perfectly fine, why would someone throw a lime or lemon inside it? Why? Why would there be Ice Lemon Tea? Why? It's ruined the whole flavor. Tea is exquisite enough, for me it didn't need enhancement. Any kind of enhancement, rusted out the originality of the product. Really guys? And this is teaaaaaaa. Then there sirap bandung cincau, bandung coke, limau ais, and all the weird things u fused together, doesn't seems normal to me... Air kelapa, it's like air ketuban or something. It doesn't look appertizing at all...

And this is about drinks alone. If I want to tell all about food, it would take three hour to finish writing this post. However, what I can tell is...

I hate vegetables. It ruined the flavor of any food. It's healthy, sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... But it yucks. That is the only reason I don't eat them. Oh god, sawi, benci nya aku ngan sawi... However, I do like brocolli, cauliflower and carrot. Tomato? The inside of it seems like the tomato bernanah or something.

And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee meat...... any meat. Except pork meat. If I have one day to live, I would be eating meat, meat, meat and butterrrrrrrr. :) Oh! Seafoodddddddd, yummmmmmmmmm!!! Prawns, shrimps, crabs, stingray... yummmm sedapnya!

The thing is, I probably have imagination about food wayyyy to much than any other people. I saw something, then I would imagine it into something else and my brain would translate it into two: YEAY or NASTY. So, mostly it went to nasty. But it's okay. I find it perfectly fine. I am fat, so it means I do enjoy life by eating. Just, not by the same thing other people had... That it...

Take it or leave it...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being Tall

Being a tall person, I always have some advantages than the shorter ones. Like, I can look around easily, have nothing blocking my view. I can hide, put or take things at higher places, I can be a model (hehe) and so on. I think it's cool and I am so lucky to be a tall person.

However, sometimes being too tall give so much troubles and disadvantages. Thanks to 9GAG post today, it now expose to many people out there that being tall isn't always fabulous. I mean, just look at these pics I took from 9GAG.

Story of my life... :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm An Alien.

Superbowl the other day, or Ellen Degeneres would say it as "Beyonce's Concert" for non-footballers fans. There was this commercial, a Calvin Klein commercial, debuting their new concept for men's underwear. So, the rating during the Superbowl games is peaking high, so good job CK to put commercial on such a prime time, bet they paid a lot.

Anyway, seeing the commercial... Hrm. I can honestly say, I feel like the most ugly person in the world. The dude in the commercial, he's a robot or something, with his hair pulled back in what ever the hell grease or oil or gel they use to stick his hair with; he looks like a freaking electronic machine, like a perfect specimen of a male human being, I've ever seen in my whole life.

This dude, is so perfect, with his ripped body and muscles, with that annoying "I'm so cool for doing CK" eyes, and I feel like, well, I am alien. I look nothing like him. And the model is younger than me. He's a kid. If he is the typical look of all men in this world, well, the rest of fat people like me, we really are maybe, in fact, an alien.

Go ahead, see this commercial. Girls, I know most of you probably gonna bounce and jump around seeing this, probably. The boys, hrm. If you have extra body weight and do mind about being obese, do not watch it. Or you going to need therapist afterwards.

Told you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double Celebration!

Today is my mum's birthday.

The woman who hold the name Zainun binti Yusof, were born in Kampung Dura, Hulu Terengganu on the 10th February of 1958 (Monday).

55 years later, happens to be a great daughter, a great wife, a great mother and a great role model to her four kids. My father who hold the heart of my mum is indeed, a lucky man.

I love you, Mok!

So last night, at midnight was awesome! My parents are in their bedroom, having some pillowtalk before sleeping, while me and my sisters were sneaking at the kitchen, setting the cake and thinking how to get my mum out of the room.

So my sister go get my mum, and she doesn't even have a clue of what is happening. Then we showed her the cake and we all burst into laughter! Haha. Good one! My mum don't even remember it's her birthday so it's awesome, her reaction is genuine.

Hopefully, she will have a great year ahead, a great health, and great time. :)

Also, it's Chinese New Year as well, and I sincerely also want to wish every Chinese out there, a very Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the snakes, and of course, a day before CNY, I saw a snake outside the gate of my house. So, is that a good luck or what, please somebody tell me what it means.

Happy Chinese New Year, once again!

Images mostly from Google Images. The cake is from my own collection!

:) That's all for now.

See Me Inside.

A friend asked me the other day. What's "seemoinside"? Why I use that word to name my blog, and what does it mean?

Great question. I haven't thought to explain this before, and now that someone finally ask, I can explain it and another post for this blog.

So the first word; SEE

The word "see" clearly means to look into something or at something. It's the vision that I see and experience and I translate it to my writing and I hope to share my vision to as many people as I can. Some people can relate to my story, but some can't and some might disagree, have negative thoughts of me, and that's the risk I am willing to take by putting myself in this blog. 

Moving on to the second word; MOI

"Moi" is a french word, which basically means "ME". This blog is mine, and the writings is by me and all the things I wrote here is what I experience and how I adapt and think of every thing that go revolves around my world. That's a lot of "and" word in a sentence, isn't it? Hahaha. Sorry about that. Different live, different stories. I have my own stories. Some are great, some are happy things and some just sucks. And by writing this blog, I honestly want to tell all my readers that everything happens for a reason, and it will shape our personality and mentality for future advancement. 

Last word: INSIDE

I purposely connects the last word of "MOI" and the initial of "INSIDE" because I don't want to repeat two letter. "Inside" is a way for me to ask for reader to click on the link and read my blog. If you want to read my  writings, you have to see and read it "INSIDE" my blog. Got it yet? I'm sure a lot of you do.

Well, yes. That's about it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Review on Windows 8

Hello. It's almost a month since I got Windows 8 installed in my laptop. Yes, finally. Yang penting, Windows 8 Pro Original, not cikai-cikai and cimplak. AND of course, not a theme. Ramai je kata aku pakai theme je, so now let me set the record straight, it's an original Windows 8 Pro Original series I installed. Pahey? Good.

Anyway, as you all know, readers if you've read my past posts, I had a tiny little problem right after I installed the new windows. Apparently, some elements are missing from the installer and this and that, BUT that's all have been solved. :)

So I thought I'd give Windows 8 a chance, ya because I heard so many people complaining. Like my friend said, ramai tak puas hati dengan Windows 8 nie sebenarnya tak biasa dengan user interface baru, pastu rasa tak kena and then nak salahkan operating system. Sungguh typical manusia. Thank god, I am not one of them. Sebulan guna Windows 8, it feels like I moved into something fresh, new and more defying. I like Windows 8 user interface, the colorful background, the live tiles looks so cool and also, the new apps that comes with it.

Look at that. Beautiful isn't it. It's so colorful. And if popping colour  is not your thing, you can always adjust the settings to your preference... 

One of my favourite apps. Messaging. What, tak perlu sign in nak chat di Facebook or mana2 social network?? Awesomeee!

People Apps. Making social networking so much easier. Can view my recent things in Tumblr or FB and also can stalk other people... 

Notifications right there on the apps. Tak perlu nak sign in, or anything... :)

Senang, nak mencarut something at Twitter or FB, just direct post kat apps nie. It will appears on my FB or Twitter. 

Wahhh, cantikkan photo apps. Tiles-tiles besar nampak sungguh cool and sleeq. :) 

XBOX inside!!! What?????!! Hahaha, teruja kan tetiba da ada XBOX dalam laptop. Giler gempak!

Video apps juga looks clean and nice...

Music apps. It's not as user friendly as I want it to be, and for the time being I still use WMP.

Weather Apps. Merancang nak berjalan-jalan is easier now that I can see what time and day  is cerah and beautiful, most important to be able to avoid rainy day, that awesome!

One of the few apps I download. The N.G Pictures. HD pics, super cool, and really  makes a  beautiful wallpaper... :)

Sports APPS. It's cool, but it's sports. Not crazy about this one.

Bing News apps. No. No. No. Not interested!

Bing Travel apps! This is awesome!!! Boleh review banyak tempat,  around the world,  boleh cari tempat penginapan if nak gie melancong, plus, in one of the gallery is a 360 degree view from cities in the world. AWESOME GILER!!!

Store to download apps! TOO MUCH APPS. Kind of like android. So many to choose from!

Sumpah tak study la aku lepas nie...

Well, well, well. I can safely conclude that I am in love with Windows 8. I am still exploring this, and so far so good... :) The missing "Start" button at the desktop, it ain't a big deal. Besides, there's an apps to bring back the button, just need to download it. 

And also, some people said Windows 8 is brilliant only with tablet or touchscreen devices, so imagine if I feel good using Windows 8 by a mouse, then if I have my own tablet with it, I might be addicted to it. I wanted to say that, YES, no internet makes most of the apps useless. I don't think that as a problem cause I am actually surrounded with Wifi whenever I go. So not really a problem there...

The most important thing about this new windows is, the ability for the users to adapt. Adapt to something new, something different and accept the fact that changes happens and it might not be as smooth as we want it to be AT FIRST, but once we give it some chance, it will be much easier. Kinda like what I've been through with this...

 Nite. :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The last post was like two weeks ago, almost.
Haven't thought of writing after my Windows 8 failure thing, and also because I was in the middle of my final examination.

So, update on my Windows 8. It's finally working. It's awesome. Finally the live tiles started to work, it moves and the apps are finally available for my use. So far my experience with Windows 8 is quite okay. I can honestly say I like it. It's really easy to use, the user interface is very nice, clean and smooth. Of course, I have to use the mouse sebab takder touch screen. I will soon update and post picture about this. 

I am currently back at home, Kuala Berang. Final exam finally over, and if one ask me how was the exam, I will say, it's a pile of bullshit. Yeah, begini lah jadi budak pemalas. I was lazy, I admit it. But still, I do study. And too bad, the one that I studied didn't not get into the question paper, instead, something else that I've did not read, and worse, something I didn't remember learning in the semester.

Yes, sucks. Results will be out in the middle of February. Finger cross, hopefully I can pass all the subjects with average 3.00 gpa. That's all I want. No dean list award, no nothing but 3.00. :3

Right now, as for this moment, the moment I'm writing this, I am currently working at my father's store, WHICH I did not apply to work, too bad my father saw me as the only with no life and nothing to do. Of course, cuti semester I long to holidayyyyyyyy, tido, makan and tido. Hrm. Tinggal mimpi je lah.

And they, (my family) nak condemn me for being too fat, and said that I ate too much junk food like McDonalds. Sekali aku sound, duit dah la bagi tak cukup, RM10 sehari je plak tue, pastu nak condemn aku makan mahal-mahal macam kat McD tue. Terus senyap. Nak sound saya sila ada fakta2 yang masuk akal sket.
I am fat because I don't mind to be. Other people plak yang bising-bising kan. If I die from being fat, I don't mind that. At least I am happy. Banyak penyakit you said? I am the only person who eats healthy than other people. But I ate a lot. 

Ko kurus pon, makan junk food. Air berkarbonat tue. Bertin-tin ko telan. At least aku tak consume benda-benca cam tue. Yang claim makan sihat lak, banyak plak penyakit nyer. Sakit bontot la, pening kepala la, perut sakit la. Ptuih.

No. I don't want to be like you. TQ.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Windows 8

Four or five days ago, I was facebooking, checking and updating statuses (boring, yeah I know). Then I saw one of my friend offered a Windows 8 Pro Original package with the cheapest price ever. I didn't think it much, I directly told him I want one!

Of course I want one! Windows 8 have the coolest and most friendly user interface ever! Besides, I have this thing that if I use something latest and the most current, I feel like I'm so cool (it's not creepy but yeah that's me). That's my opinion. I even YouTube to see more details on this. Without any long thinking, I paid the package and so excited to install the new windows.

But of course, I also took some time to see users review, and apparently lots of people really don't like the new Windows 8. "It sucks big time!", "Stay with Windows 7!" they says... So I was confused and berbelah bahagi cause I really wanted to install that thing. And when I do install it, I can't revert to Windows 7 Ultimate that I  currently use that time.

Call this guy, and that guy, ask their opinions. They are some computer geek that I knew, so their opinion counts. They are the pro; to my eyes. They said, people mostly don't like it because they are not used with modern and sophisticated user interface in Windows 8. So they said, if I do install that Windows 8, I must explore it and get used to it, and not jump to the conclusion that I don't like it or whatever. To be honest, I was happy to hear their opinion cause deep in my tiny heart, I really wanted to install it.

So, I did. I installed it.

But, how I am disappointed. The live tiles, and also all the fancy apps that comes with Windows 8... they ain't working. It ain't freaking workinggggggg!!! I'm so sadddddd!!! I did absolutely nothing but zoom in with blank page whenever I click on them. BLANK PAGE. A full on blank page. :(

The one with "X" marks, are not working at all. Even the store. :(

So I googled like crazy, some people have the same problem as mine, and they do give me the remedies but nothing happens. It still froze. At one point, I decided to reset the whole thing and reinstall. When I try to reset, this shit comes up:

What the heck?!
FYI, I only bought the key to the package. I don't have the packaging, or whatever. I only got the key. I install the installer from Microsoft website and installed it. So, when they ask for recovery media, of course la I don't have that. I have no installation CD. This is so depressing.

I did not know what to do but to contact back my friend who sold me the package.

I told him everything and he's very understanding and so, tomorrow I'm going to see him and see if he can figure out what's wrong with my installation of Windows 8. Deep down, I am a little embarrassed. Because I can't figure the answers to this problem myself. I usually can, but this one too much to do I just don't have all the knowledge in computer software and stuffs.

So, here I am. Updating my blog. I was planning to blog about how awesome the Windows 8 is, but until this one problem is solve, I guess that post will have to wait.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

AJL 27

I am not a fan of local music industry. This is me okay. What I say does not count. It's just my opinion. For me, local songs are so boooooring. Not all. I do find some of them are good. But, to make it to my music playlist, erm...

Anyway, tonight is the night of Anugerah Juara Lagu, the 27th year. It's like the Grammy for Malaysian music industry. The least I can do is watch it as a support for our local music industry, and most importantly, to show support on the power of Malays language in the musics. This is what AJL is all about. The appreciation of Malay language, but in terms of songs.

Live Streaming from
Since there's no television set in our rent house in Shah Alam, I took the effort to sign up on, I'm sure ramai knows There's a live streaming for AJL. Not to mention, banyak show di local tv yang kita boleh catch up if tak sempat or tak ada tv di rumah. Quite uselful, but I don't really watch that much of t.v, that's why baru malam nie register; just for AJL.

Anyway, I can't predict the winner. Anyone who wins is okay, I guess.

Nite. Esok exam Nutrition.