White Noise

Recap: It was like 4.50am in the morning, and I'm having a very hard time to sleep. If there's a book of 1001 position of sleep, I definitely sure that I've might tried 1002. Still wide awake.

I always sleep with my shirt off, and short pants (cause this is Malaysia, you know how the weather is). The stand fan is always on 2 or 3 because cold air makes me sleep faster. But this was not the case. I was still awake. At first, I thought like, "Mehhh, gonna fall asleep soon", but when it last more than two hours, my mind is getting fucked up, because damn I was sleepy, but my body refuses to shut down.

So, I reach out for my phone and turn this app I downloaded from PlayStore like 4,5 months ago. It's call White Noise Lite. Okay, I don't really know how to explain white noise, but I'll try my best. EXCLAIMER; this definition is from my own word, it's not really the real definition.

So, white noise is somewhat sounds that you often hear when everything is quiet. For example, in a quiet place like the library, very little sound but you can always hear the buzz from the air conditioning. Or, when you are alone in your house with t.v and radio switched off; you can always hear the sound of the wall clock ticking and ticking. It's noises that somehow helps us to relax and calm down.

There are a lot more examples of white noises. For instance, the rain. When it's raining, everything seems more relaxed and much of the time, if you are at home, you would have the sense to go to sleep, right?? Like "Yeahhh, hujan, sedap tido nie bohhh!". Or if you live near "hutan" area, you can always hear the sound of crickets, or when you lay down on the beach, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wave of the ocean. ALL OF THAT is categorized as white noise. It helps you to cool down, relaxed and of course helps you to fall asleep.

Back to the White Noise Lite apps, it have collective sounds of these white noises, and I uses this as a measure of helping me to sleep. My favorite tracks are the sound of the rain and thunder. So back to my case, I grab my earphone and plug it in, tune in the white noise of my choice, adjust the right volume... and wallah! Suddenly it's afternoon already. I didn't even realize when I finally asleep. 

And the sounds are still playing when I awake. The best part of the app is, it didn't drain my battery. I do believe it only uses a small part of energy. I think it drains only 5% of the battery which is so little for a old phone like mine. So if you uses high end smartphones, it really doesn't effect your battery usage.

So if any of you guys are having trouble sleeping, I really recommended you to download a white noise apps. It doesn't have to be like what I've installed in mine, just look for something that suit your preferences. And it does not limited for sleeping purposes only. If you are trying to relax, or to study or just get away from stress and tension, you can just plug yourself to these sensational voices right from your phone.

It's so amazing that simple noises can creates such harmony and can help you to relax.

Trust me, okay. 


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