Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Student Portal Berwajah Baru

Hell yeah!!! This is the kind of thing that I never expected to see... Student Portal now looking fabulous with new layout and image!!!

I mean, check it out peeps!


See what I mean, bila bukak je page Student Portal, it's so organize, nampak teratur, nampak bersih je... Dulu, ingat tak cam mana rupa portal tue, sorry aku tak sempat snap gambar portal lama, cause I didn't expect the portal akan berubah wajah... :) Anyway, dulu punya version, fuh, very messy, ada banyak warna, semua tak bersusun, really, nampak cam meja aku yang tak kemas... Now it's all beautifully organize! I LIKE!!!

Look at this login page!!! Awwwwwww!!!

Terasa ada kesungguhan ntuk login bila nampak login page ini... Login tanpa ragu-ragu! OH!

Hahaha... Okay, maybe I over excited about the new layout... However, you cannot deny that it look so much better now... Students yang banyak berurusan kat student portal like me, really appreciate this new layout, sebab yang lama,,, not interesting, at all, whatsoever. Hahaha.

Nice isn't it?!

Akhirnya, boleh la kata yang orang UiTM yang handle page nie buat keje sket... Usually, masa kat portal lama, banyak news-news and announcement yang lapok, sampai aku bleh ingat apa dia tulis, walapun announcement tu bukan ntuk aku...

And aku banyak dengar komplain pasal Timeline di Facebook! Hey, it's new. Get used to it. I think it's pretty too... 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hati dan Perasaan

It's so hard.
Susah nak jaga hati orang.
Especially hati kawan-kawan nie. Yes, I am still not over it. The last post, I wrote about relationship with few of my friends.

What ever happens in Shah Alam, was never right and always seems wrong. What happens in Dungun, stays in Dungun, and how I wish it happen the same in Shah Alam but it didn't.

How I miss everything in Dungun...

I might lose one or two, but I thank god for other friends that stand by my side. I appreciate each and one of them. 

It's true, it hurts me more losing a friend, rather a friend losing me; at least that's how I see it. How I hope it's not true... I always crawls back to a friend, whenever he/she tried to avoid me due to quarrel or whatever. I always would be the first one to communicate.

Come. I'm offering peace and friendship here... Come...

For some reason, I can't do it any longer. I don't want to crawl anymore. Sometimes, it's nice to see people show that they need me. And that's what I think I needed to see. 

And I think this comic strip says it all.

susahnya nak jaga hati orang... haishhh...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Update 2012.

One semester in Shah Alam. One truly hard semester here. Let me tell you something real here, and not a myth.
Back in my diploma days, seniors used to tell us that we would be learning all the same thing that we already learn in Dungun.

"Sama je cam diploma. Belajar balik benda sama je..."

"Nak sambung degree ke? Baik pilih course lain dari buang masa amik DCA. Benda sama je kot!"

Okay. Now that I, myself already been there, let me just tell you that... They lied.

It's so exciting to be there, cause dalam kepala nie like "haha, aku budak degreeee!"... but the subjects are really hard and I sometimes rasa cam everything is out of control.

Talk about gastronomy or human nutrition... HUH!!! Antara subject yang buat aku pening kepala...

So, exam dah lepas. Wonder how I did. Hopefully I pass... *Finger-crossed*.

What else did I learn this semester for the past 4 months in Shah Alam?

I found that, the people that I met three years and a half ago, might just not be the same person today. People change. I can see the person with my own very eyes, but I cannot see the one I know before.

Apart of that, I also experience betrayal. Yes. It hurts and not many were by my side when I was in need. Well, lesson learnt, I can't be everyone's perfect friend. And so does other people. I am really open and accepting that people can change, drastically, and I also have no problem losing a friend rather than continue to be hurt.

Hope to I make myself clear, to whoever reading this. :) Hope u guys can relate my story to urs. TQ