First Update 2012.

One semester in Shah Alam. One truly hard semester here. Let me tell you something real here, and not a myth.
Back in my diploma days, seniors used to tell us that we would be learning all the same thing that we already learn in Dungun.

"Sama je cam diploma. Belajar balik benda sama je..."

"Nak sambung degree ke? Baik pilih course lain dari buang masa amik DCA. Benda sama je kot!"

Okay. Now that I, myself already been there, let me just tell you that... They lied.

It's so exciting to be there, cause dalam kepala nie like "haha, aku budak degreeee!"... but the subjects are really hard and I sometimes rasa cam everything is out of control.

Talk about gastronomy or human nutrition... HUH!!! Antara subject yang buat aku pening kepala...

So, exam dah lepas. Wonder how I did. Hopefully I pass... *Finger-crossed*.

What else did I learn this semester for the past 4 months in Shah Alam?

I found that, the people that I met three years and a half ago, might just not be the same person today. People change. I can see the person with my own very eyes, but I cannot see the one I know before.

Apart of that, I also experience betrayal. Yes. It hurts and not many were by my side when I was in need. Well, lesson learnt, I can't be everyone's perfect friend. And so does other people. I am really open and accepting that people can change, drastically, and I also have no problem losing a friend rather than continue to be hurt.

Hope to I make myself clear, to whoever reading this. :) Hope u guys can relate my story to urs. TQ


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