My Review on Windows 8

Hello. It's almost a month since I got Windows 8 installed in my laptop. Yes, finally. Yang penting, Windows 8 Pro Original, not cikai-cikai and cimplak. AND of course, not a theme. Ramai je kata aku pakai theme je, so now let me set the record straight, it's an original Windows 8 Pro Original series I installed. Pahey? Good.

Anyway, as you all know, readers if you've read my past posts, I had a tiny little problem right after I installed the new windows. Apparently, some elements are missing from the installer and this and that, BUT that's all have been solved. :)

So I thought I'd give Windows 8 a chance, ya because I heard so many people complaining. Like my friend said, ramai tak puas hati dengan Windows 8 nie sebenarnya tak biasa dengan user interface baru, pastu rasa tak kena and then nak salahkan operating system. Sungguh typical manusia. Thank god, I am not one of them. Sebulan guna Windows 8, it feels like I moved into something fresh, new and more defying. I like Windows 8 user interface, the colorful background, the live tiles looks so cool and also, the new apps that comes with it.

Look at that. Beautiful isn't it. It's so colorful. And if popping colour  is not your thing, you can always adjust the settings to your preference... 

One of my favourite apps. Messaging. What, tak perlu sign in nak chat di Facebook or mana2 social network?? Awesomeee!

People Apps. Making social networking so much easier. Can view my recent things in Tumblr or FB and also can stalk other people... 

Notifications right there on the apps. Tak perlu nak sign in, or anything... :)

Senang, nak mencarut something at Twitter or FB, just direct post kat apps nie. It will appears on my FB or Twitter. 

Wahhh, cantikkan photo apps. Tiles-tiles besar nampak sungguh cool and sleeq. :) 

XBOX inside!!! What?????!! Hahaha, teruja kan tetiba da ada XBOX dalam laptop. Giler gempak!

Video apps juga looks clean and nice...

Music apps. It's not as user friendly as I want it to be, and for the time being I still use WMP.

Weather Apps. Merancang nak berjalan-jalan is easier now that I can see what time and day  is cerah and beautiful, most important to be able to avoid rainy day, that awesome!

One of the few apps I download. The N.G Pictures. HD pics, super cool, and really  makes a  beautiful wallpaper... :)

Sports APPS. It's cool, but it's sports. Not crazy about this one.

Bing News apps. No. No. No. Not interested!

Bing Travel apps! This is awesome!!! Boleh review banyak tempat,  around the world,  boleh cari tempat penginapan if nak gie melancong, plus, in one of the gallery is a 360 degree view from cities in the world. AWESOME GILER!!!

Store to download apps! TOO MUCH APPS. Kind of like android. So many to choose from!

Sumpah tak study la aku lepas nie...

Well, well, well. I can safely conclude that I am in love with Windows 8. I am still exploring this, and so far so good... :) The missing "Start" button at the desktop, it ain't a big deal. Besides, there's an apps to bring back the button, just need to download it. 

And also, some people said Windows 8 is brilliant only with tablet or touchscreen devices, so imagine if I feel good using Windows 8 by a mouse, then if I have my own tablet with it, I might be addicted to it. I wanted to say that, YES, no internet makes most of the apps useless. I don't think that as a problem cause I am actually surrounded with Wifi whenever I go. So not really a problem there...

The most important thing about this new windows is, the ability for the users to adapt. Adapt to something new, something different and accept the fact that changes happens and it might not be as smooth as we want it to be AT FIRST, but once we give it some chance, it will be much easier. Kinda like what I've been through with this...

 Nite. :)


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