Just finish last class for this semester.
I am happy about it. Who doesn't?

Anyway, I was thinking, I should Facebook this. Tell all the people how I glad it is now reaching the end.

But then, who would bother to read status something like that?

It doesn't have any impact or anything. Isn't it? My carry marks won't increase in any way by doing so.

But then, what should I really post on the status? Cheesy stuff that people don't really care to read?

I once feel so annoying by these kind of status, but somehow when it was me, it was okay. So hipocrite, right?

I need a Facebook manual.

Cause in the real world, nothing we say can be acceptable by all people.

Suddenly, everyone have their own "Me Rules" that everyone has to follow. If don't, they judge and condemn.

People are so complicated.


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