Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was unlucky enough to get a rent house without a washing machine.

Living as a student, if you don't have washing machine around, your only options are to hand wash, or to go and do your laundry at a shop.

I choose to laundry at a shop.
I just don't have the time to hand wash.
And it's cheaper, and quite worth the pay.

I mean, the shop I go only charges RM4 for washing and RM3 for drying. Total of RM7 which is not bad for a student like me. And I only do my laundry once a week.

One day when I already have an awesome career and have my own house with a washing machine, I will remember back my student days.

How I put all the dirty clothes in a cheap nylon bag, carry it around on my motorcycle with the soap and softerner.

It's quite a large bag, sometimes it blocked my view while I'm riding my bike. And the people staring. Haha.

I am not ashamed of this. Why should I?? Typical student life, definitely.

Lucky for students living with their family. Mummy and daddy will take care of everything... Lucky them.

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