It's 2013. The new year passing next 2012 has finally arrived.
Twenty minutes ago, the fireworks were shooting up in the skies of Shah Alam, where at I am right now.
To be more specific, in my room at my rent house.

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There's probably hundreds of thousand people out there, celebrating and having fun with friends and family.
But I don't have the time for that now. Exams starts in three days, not to mention I have to submit my research proposal also in three days. Somehow, I don't find myself doing all the necessary studying or doing research for the proposal. 

Just not in the mood. I was on the marathon of The Big Bang Theory all day long besides sleeping and take my meals. I just feel so lonely and I considered a comedy is somehow a good therapy to distract myself from all the loneliness. Don't feel like going out and celebrating too. The roads are going to be jam-packed. So not going out on the new year.

Why are these loneliness? I'm not sad though. Just lonely. I have friends in the house, but everyone is so focus on the study, there are barely any laughter or small chit chatting sounds. I can't just go over them and ask them to have conversation with me. Everyone has work to do.

So here I am, online. I choose to write something to remarks how I was doing in the new year of 2013. 

I can't help to feel sick by all these studying stuff. It's somehow a burden now. I used to love studying. Sitting on a desk and kill a book and it's content. Not anymore. I don't even find magazines fun anymore. There's too much work, too much tension and too much of shitload and so little interest for my mind. 

"Normal lah, hidup students", they say...
"Kerja lagi susah", they say...

True. These people are my seniors and they already taken the shits and got through it before I did. So maybe I should just zip it and do what I'm suppose to do. Nanti orang kata tak bersyukur pula... Ramai yang tak dapat sambung belajar... Also true.

I have something bothering my mind now, and it's probably will keep bothering me until... I don't know. It's doesn't seems to have an end. I wish I can spit it out here, but I can't. It's involving other people in my life and I know my blog existence is very less-known, but what if the wrong person, the person I do not want to see my writing, sees it. It's not worth it to be jot down here.

Anyway, I hope you readers out there have a blast new year celebration. And also, those who makes a new year resolutions, and you know that the end of the years, you don't even remember what's your resolutions are. Kinda like me. Hence, I like to make daily goals for myself to achieved. It's much easier that way. Never set expectations cause I don't think anything can be expected.

Cheerios, people.
Happy New Year 2013.


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